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A management magazine is the best way to ensure that you are up to date with the development in technology.



This is one of the best motivation which can help boost the confidence and allow the business to head the right direction.


Texting tips that will keep the interest of your date between dates

Texting is important to keep your date’s interest especially when you are waiting to meet up. If you would wish the momentum to keep on going before your first date, after the date, and between dates, you have to learn the Text Chemistry. Your phone is the best tool that you have and by the use of it, you can get that conversation going. You should not text like you are a bother to your date but you should text now and then to work wonders between the two of you. As much as it is recommended to text often, many people do get the texting wrong. Some do not even know what they should be saying in those texts. You have to know how to text appropriately and how to build attraction through texting. For example, if you know each other, you should act like the two of you are close. That way, your date will be at ease and pressure or tension will be off their shoulders. Before you can establish a date, you should always try to befriend your date. That way, the meeting will be interesting and easy. Apart from that, here are some other texting tips that will keep your date interest before and after date

Create interest

You should treat your texts very carefully. You should use your texts sparingly as if they were gold. When you do that, you will notice how powerful texts can be. You should do it by giving your date your texting space. That way, they will keep on wondering what you might be doing and thinking. That is to say, you should space your texting. Avoid bombarding your date with texts every five minutes. At least wait for twenty to thirty minutes before you can give them a reply. When you reply, it is advisable that you excitingly contract your texts. Always try to leave your date with the urge to know more about you. Always leave them thinking. That is how Text Chemistry works.

Your texts should make them think of you always

The best way to text your date and keep their interest is by making sure that you are the last thing in their thoughts. You can easily do that by making sure that you get your date’s attention by texting the last thing at night. If you text during the day, your texts or sweet words can easily be forgotten as your date might have other things to think of. They might even forget that you two were texting. That is why it is recommended that you only text right before your date heads to bed.

Let there be text momentum

There should be momentum in your texting. Once you have texted something, your date should feel the urge to counter or reply immediately. Create a moment where by your date would always wish to know more about you. that process should never fade at any cost. Make sure it goes on until you two know each other very well. Even after knowing each other, you should not stop your conversations. You can easily do that by asking questions that will surprise your date. All you have to do is always be creative.

Do not act like you are too idle

In-Text Chemistry, you should always act too smart. You should never show your date that you were too idle or desperate for their text. As much as it might be tempting to answer the text immediately you receive it, you should wait for some time before you answer the text. That will surely show your date how busy you are and how important you are. Waiting for some time before texting will keep them wondering what you might be doing. That is how interest can be created.

Have some manners

Before you two become very free with each other, you should always make sure that your texts have manners or etiquette. For example, you should never start flirting with your date before knowing if your date is okay with it. because you would wish to meet your date someday, always appreciate them for trying to reach out. That will depict you as a kind person and an interesting one. That will keep your date eagerly waiting to meet you.

Pick up your phone

After you two have established a clear conversation and known each other very well, chances are your date would wish to talk to you through the phone. As much as many people fear to talk through phones these days, you should never avoid your dates call at any cost. Remember, all point of texting and flirting through text is to help build your relationship to a point where the two of you can call each other. By having proper conversations both through texting and calling, things can work smoothly between the two of you.


For your date or relationship to be a success especially in online dating, texting must be in play. To capture the attention of your date, you have to be creative and act smart. For that, you have to know the best way to go about Text Chemistry. That involves keeping the momentum, creating interest and having etiquette while texting. Remember, the way you text will determine if your date will be interested in you or not. Therefore, always be two steps ahead by the above texting tips.

What are some of the most important questions to ask before buying a car cover?

A car is a very huge investment that should be protected. Buying a car cover is one of the wisest ways of making sure that your car is protected always. Today, there are many car cover manufacturers out there that making a choice is not that easy. You can only know the best car cover to choose from when you know your car storage. How it is being stored and the dangers involved can also be a driving factor when buying a car cover. After you have a clear picture of what you need, you can narrow down your search to the best cover to suit your car and needs. Here are some of the important questions to ask before you buy your car cover

Where is the car’s storage place?

This is one of the most important questions to help you find the car cover that you have always wanted. Is your car stored in a garage or an open place? There are car covers that are meant for indoors car storage and others are customized to suit outdoor car storage. The car covers build for indoor car storage do not have qualities that can withstand many difficulties such as adverse weather conditions. If your car will be stored indoors, you can go for a car cover protector made of cotton. That one will be enough to protect your car from dirt and moisture. If the car is to be parked outdoors, you should make sure that the protective cover that you are considering has the capabilities to protect the car from UV rays, the rain, animals, birds, hails and thieves among other things.

What material is suitable for my car?

This is also another very important question that will help you realize the best car cover for your car. Different car covers are made of different materials. You can decide to select the material depending on your taste but you should make sure that it can protect your car. The material to choose will also be determined with whether you are keeping your car indoors or outdoors. If your car will be indoors, getting a car cover that is meant for outdoor storage can be too much. The weather conditions in the place that you stay will also dictate the type of material to choose for your car cover. If you are in cold places, the car cover should be heavy to keep the car warm. If your place is too hot, lighter material is needed. If you will not be using your car anytime soon, you should consider a car cover material that fits your car tightly.

What is the price?

This is one of the major questions that you should never fail to ask when you are choosing a car cover. Your budget might narrow down your car cover choice. The best covers are indeed very expensive but you can still find a good car cover that is within your budget. You can shop around, compare prices and settle for a seller with affordable quotations.

How thick should my cover be?

The thickness or depth of a car cover also matters a lot. The functionality and efficiency of the car cover depends on its thickness. The cover thickness affects other cover features and qualities. Factors such as the car cover durability, cost, and quality are affected by how thick the car cover is. A thicker cover is known to offer better protection from all kinds of hazards. That makes them durable and very expensive. They are also considered to be of very high quality. Therefore, the thickness factor cannot be ignored. You can choose any thickness that you want but you should consider how protected you would wish your car to be.

What types of hazards am I protecting my car from?

Before you even decide on the car cover for your car protection, you should be aware of what you would wish to protect your car from. Different car covers are designed to protect cars from different risks and hazards. Others are meant to protect your car from all kinds of risks. It is recommended that you go for a car cover that can protect your car from all kinds of hazards. Find a car cover that will protect your car from UV rays, from water or rain, from hail, from thieves, vandalism, animals and even birds. Many sellers sell car covers with multiple functions. Visit a reputable seller and explain what you would wish your car to be protected from.

Is it of great quality?

When you are at the seller, try finding out a cover that is considered to be of great quality. A good quality car cover can be able to give you quality services for seven years and beyond. A high-quality car cover assures you of a low maintenance fee. To be assured of the quality of the car cover, you should try as much as possible to look for a seller who will give you a car cover warranty. Any genuine seller will have a warranty in store for you.

What is my car model?

When you are looking for a car cover, you should make sure that the cover can cover your car wholly. That is why you should know your car model and its size as well.

Young leader Should Read

8 Books Every Young leader Should Read

How Reading Certain Books Is Beneficial For A Young Leader?


In the present days, you can see that many people read books while transporting in a tram or bus, at home, in the libraries etc. Reading is one of the best hobbies compared with others, because you acquire better knowledge from books. If knowledge is actually the power then reading is the superpower. The best book enables an individual to think in a different perspective. Also, the better book opens your brain to gain wisdom that is offering best ideas and fresh possibilities. The best one allows an individual to create his/her ideology about various things. You can get access to several books in a library, store, or online on different topics like leadership skills, love, fiction, non-fiction, and biographies etc. A person can turn into a great leader by just reading books. As they can acquire the context of becoming a young leader with new ideas in understanding the things around them. By gaining wisdom, motivation, and inspiration, you can be a great leader who can transform the ideas to bring out the best things within and from others. The insight a book provides the leader is beneficial at his/her own cost regardless of the age.


Different types of books a leader must read


A best leader helps other in showing the path to others as a light to motivate and inspire people. A young leader can be benefitted reading good books which may help them in leading themselves forward in life, being real, understanding things, and motivating people. The right book can make you understand all these things. These are eight good books every young leader must read.

Young leader Should Read


  1. Victor Frankel – Man’s search for Meaning

This type of book is the actual experience of the author during the camp of Nazi person where he was going through pain. Still, he managed his views and gave a conclusion that there is always a meaning during the suffering.


  1. Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

Every one has the idea that life has a purpose and is a journey. All need to follow the right path to accomplish their things. This book is about the story of a shepherd individual who is moving on his journey of life to get success in his things. From this you can understand the actual genuine leadership of leading others along with you to move on in the path of success.


  1. Robert B. Cialdini – Influence

From this book you will learn the 6 principles of universe of turning into an expertise publicist which incorporates authority, social evidence, and reciprocity. It guides you in realizing your power to persuade others using the untapped assets.


  1. Daniel H. Pink – Drive

This book guides that tapping your secret power within you can help you in making your work by workers operating under you. This book explains this can be possible by the motivation internally.


  1. Marcus Aurelius – Meditation

This author wrote this book for himself and it also helps for the betterment of people around the world. This book is like a road map showing the path and following it to move forward with principles by avoiding distractions. It gives a practical suggestion that meditations help to control your emotions, thoughts, and eliminates stress.


  1. Stephen R. covey – The seven Habits of Highly Effective People

This book provides lessons about the success and leadership. The author takes you forward to teach you the art of paradigm of self-mastery explaining you all seven habits to acquire which leads you to right path.


  1. Seth Godin – Tribes

The writer is sharing a formula to win for going out and perform some tasks that are meaningful to help others, guides people through inspiration, and let them notice in moving forward in life.

8.Brene Brown – Daring Greatly

This book teaches you that vulnerability is not meant as weakness. The shame and fear shouldn’t let you down in doing the things with dare. It explains to try various things and fail in them to rectify the mistakes and move towards the grateful life of betterment.


Thus, these are few of the best leadership books, the young leader must read to know self and help in leading others.